Nadia Anghelescu

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Nadia Anghelescu
Professor, University of Bucharest, Romania (1962-2009; Emeritus since 2009).
b. 27 April 1941 Hărțăgani, Hunedoara County; married to Mircea Anghelescu, professor at the University of Bucharest; 2 daughters

Carei High School Carei, Satu-Mare county, 1954-1957;
Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest, 1957-1962: graduated in Arab Language and Literature and Romanian Language and Literature (1962);
Ph.D. thesis defended in 1971 („Noun Determination in Arabic”)

Academic career (Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bucharest University)
  • Lecturer 1962-1972;  Senior Lecturer 1970-1982; Reader 1982-1991;
  • Professor 1991.
  • Professor at the Doctoral School of the Faculty; formerly Head of Oriental Languages and Literatures Department in the University of Bucharest (1977-1994); head of the Center for Arab Studies in the University of Bucharest (1994-2009);

Courses delivered in:  General linguistics and Arab linguistics (syntax, semantics, history of Arab linguistics, linguistic typology, linguistic anthropology); Arab-islamic culture and civilization;  Ethnology, Islam

Activities abroad
  • Visiting professor: Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi e Islamistica, Roma (1991), Collège de France, Paris (1992), Ecole Normale Supérieure, Fontenay-Saint-Cloud (1999) 
  • Associate Professor at Universite Lyon 3 Jean Moulin (2001-2002) 
  • Member of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic.

Conferences, colloquia etc.
Organizer of international colloquia of Arab Linguistics (Bucharest 1994; Bucharest 2003) and of Colloquium on Arab Studies in East-European countries, in collaboration with the Arab League of Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organizations (Bucharest, 2002);

Participation in international colloquia on Arab Linguistics and Theaching Arab Language and Civilization (Nijmegen 1984, Budapest 1992 and 1994, Berne 2000, Paris 1998, Beyrouth 2002, Damascus, 2003,);

Participation in colloquia on the dialogue between Arab and European Culture (La litterature arabe et l’Occident, Beyrouth, 1995 ; L’islam et le dialogue entre les civilisations, Amman, 1996; L’islam et les orientalistes, Tétouan, 1998; La Roumanie et le dialogue entre religions, Bucarest, 2001; Euro-Arab Conference for the Dialogue of Cultures: Pour un vivre ensemble fondé sur une meilleure connaissance de l’Autre, Paris, July 2002);

Lectures delivered in the Universities of Damascus and Aleppo (1975), Lyon (1992, 2001, 2002), Kuweit and Qatar (1993), Beyrouth and Tripoli (1995), Genève, Bâle, Fribourg (1996), Abu Dhabi (1997), Oslo and Bergen (2001), Rome (2011);

Editorial activities
Editor of the Romano-Arabica journal, new series (between 2001-2009), published by Center for Arab Studies, University of Bucharest;

Member of the advisory board of the journals Linguistique Arabe et Sémitique (Paris and Lyon), Kalimat (Balamand, Lebanon), and Kervan (Torino);